Whats the difference between 5 card stud and 7 card stud in poker?

  1. I am new in playing poker. can you help me with this?

    Answer by Crazy H
    two cards

  2. My friends and I have “poker” night once a month and we mix it up with dealers choice. We play Txs Hld Em, Omaha, 5 Crd Draw, 7 Crd Stud, Baseball, K & Low Guts, Coyote (and Coyote Wild ), 7 / 27. They are all fun, but lookn for more ideas. These are small coin type games w/ 25c Limit / round type games. Will consider all Ideas, if you know links for explanation post them.

    thnx RP

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    Answer by jollibobo
    old maid ???

  3. Answer by bob t
    no…best answer plz lol

  4. and how to play
    games like
    follow the 7
    day and night baseball
    got any good games?

    Answer by hvisking
    Here two easily understood variations on seven card stud. High or low Chicago, the high or low spade in the hole wins half of the pot (split with best hand). Mexican sweat: all players leave their card face down. 1st player to the left of the dealer turn over his/her 1st card establishing what the other players have to better. Next player turns over his/her 1st card, if it is better than player one move to 3rd player if not keeping turning cards until establishing anew high card or a pair. This continues around the table until all cards are exposed and a winner is determined

  5. When dealing; do you deal two and start betting or do you deal two flip one up and then bet?

    also, do you burn in this game?

    what are the official WSOP rules?

    Answer by ?
    Obviously home games you can use whatever rules are agreed by the players before you start playing but officially you start the first round of betting after the 2 hole cards (down cards) and one up card have been dealt to each player and Ive never heard of burning in this game – usually only blackjack but I think even that is a minority rule.

    Hope that helps

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